About Dr. Chike Akua

    Dr. Chike Akua has assisted in leading over 1000 youth and adults on study tours to Egypt, Ghana, Morocco and Senegal.  He is one of the most sought after speakers at colleges, universities and educational conferences. Dr. Akua has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leading authority on African-centered and culturally relevant educational materials and instructional approaches.  
     Dr. Akua has lectured and given keynote addresses at a number of colleges, universities and educational conferences around the country including Southern University, Minnesota State University, Tuskegee University, Ohio University, Howard University, Georgia State University and Savannah State University to name a few.  
    Selected as one of Ebony magazine’s “50 Leaders of Tomorrow,” Dr. Akua is a former “Teacher of the Year.” In addition,  He has authored and produced several books and DVDs including:
  *Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success           (Book & DVD)
  *Education for Transformation: The Keys to REleasing the Genius of 
        African American Students
  *The African Origins Of Writing & Mathematics (DVD)
  *African Sacred Science & Civilization (DVD)
  *Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe (DVD)
  *Wonders of West Africa (DVD)
  *The Miracle of the Maafa (DVD)
  *The African Origins of Our Faith (Book & DVD)
  *SuccessQuest!: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Book/DVD)
As a prolific author and dynamic speaker and trainer, Dr. Akua keeps a demanding schedule traveling nationally and internationally, leading study tours and presenting at urban schools, colleges, universities and conferences.